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Welcome the light

March 11, 2016

The smallest light has the capacity to extinguish even the darkest corners. In the same way, even the smallest piece of jewellery can illuminate an all-black outfit.

For this photo shoot we were inspired by Marios Gregoriades, one of the most esteemed jewelry designers in Cyprus. You can tell he is a man full of passion for his creations, working in his studio whilst listening to Italian radio stations, nostalgic of his years in Florence where he studied to perfect his craft. His passion for his designs is fueled by his two other great loves: travelling, and his lovely wife which he so endearingly speaks of at every opportunity.

Apart from the classic jewellery pieces, engagement and wedding rings which he is often commissioned to create for special clients, his workshop and showroom is filled with a wide array of innovative yet wearable creations as well as sculptured jewelry creations with imaginative curves, shapes and waves.

We took a few interesting men’s jewellery pieces from Mario’s collection, made out of leather, silver and steel, and paired them with all black outfits to emphasize the luminance of his creations, as the flashes of the camera touched each piece and offered a measure of light to the obscure blackness.

Welcome the light Welcome the light - Marios Gregoriades Creative Jewellery & Mork Welcome the light - Marios Gregoriades Creative Jewellery & MorkWelcome the light - Marios Gregoriades Creative Jewellery & Mork Marios Gregoriades Creative Jewellery & Mork

Jewellery pieces by Marios Gregoriades creative jewellery

Shirts by MORK men’s boutique


Words by: Katerina Parpa

Photography: Alex Kokkinos, Styling: Katerina Parpa

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