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Styling my Eyes

June 6, 2016

My story with optical glasses, started when I was eight-years-old. My vision was not up to par, even at such a young age, so I needed to get glasses. Since then my glasses and I are together. Over the years my sight worsened, however I found a way to make it part of my style by choosing different frames and different styles. I often like to joke with people, when they congratulate me for my new pair of glasses and I reply “Thank you for congratulating me on becoming more blind.”

I often fall asleep while still wearing them. Maybe they might help me see my good dreams better. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t get my eyes lasered. My answer to their question is that I don’t want to give up 21 years of connection in a few minutes.

For this photo shoot, we visited Skitsas Optical shop, where I tried on a few frames, whilst styling my W2 two-in-double-you bowtie with a classic white tuxedo shirt and blue slacks matched with red No Brand shoes. Having been bored of my rectangular frames for a while now, I wanted to try the new round-frame styles. In the spirit of killing two birds with one stone, I took the opportunity to do get my sight checked again. To no surprise, my sight has gotten worse and I needed new lenses, so I chose a new frame for optical glasses, and one sun/optical glasses for summer time.

The variety of brands was amazing and the styles where so many, I almost didn’t know what to choose…almost.

Styling my Eyes

Styling my Eyes

Styling my Eyes

Clothing by W2 two in double you

Photos by Alex Kokkinos

Concept and styling by Katerina Parpa

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