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Striking a Balance

January 24, 2016

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So often you hear the phrase “women dress for other women, not for men.” This is in reference to certain styles and trends that, although women find avant-garde and in vogue, and often they choose to wear them, not necessarily because they look good on them, but mostly because it will spark conversation and envy between other females.

Men, on average, do not dress to impress other men. The average man buys cars, motorcycles, technological gadgets and dates beautiful women to impress his friends. His choice in clothing is usually and mostly for comfort, professional appearances and reflects his lifestyle choices.

The Modern Man, despite being seduced by the same interests of the average man, cares a little more about his every day appearance. This is not to say that he is trying to impress his friends, or even to impress women. The Modern Man uses fashion as a means of self-expression. He chooses clothes that impress …him.

The Modern Man enjoys good fashion and interesting trends, statement pieces and bold colors. The Modern Man also knows how to strike a balance, and what NOT to wear!

In this mini editorial, in collaboration with Cristian Dascalu photography and designer and stylist Katerina Parpa the Modern Man has chosen outfits from MORK Menswear Boutique with statement pieces and bold colors. The photo shoot takes place at Γουνί Amusement Bar, in Nicosia. A stylish little place, inspired by the series American Horror Picture Show, tells a story of mystery and magic, where you walk in a normal person and come out almost seduced and not quite ever the same.

For each look each piece is carefully selected and combined with the right accessories, making sure always that one item speaks volumes whilst the rest of the items compliment and bring balance to the outfit without being too ‘loud’.


Words by Katerina Parpa

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