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Seasons of life

September 13, 2017

Our lives are like the seasons of the year, only the order of the seasons and its repetitiveness along the years, aren’t necessarily as we were taught in kindergarten. Our days cannot always be only summer or strictly winter; the beauty lies in the change.

In one’s life, change of seasons may happen during the day, month or a year. Change comes in all aspects of life, professional, personal and more. Hard times in life never last, and neither do good times. Life is like a heartbeat graph, includes many ups and downs. If it was a straight line, then there would be no life anymore.

Many times in life you feel lonely, down and left behind. Remember! It will pass. Get yourself out and meet new people, take risks and experience new adventures. It is your choice what to do; you can stay home and cry over it, or you can take a step forward. Sitting by the seaside will not bring you opportunities. Step out and get things done. Many times you might will feel demotivated and stop working on that dream you started. You might get disappointed or rejected, but that’s alright. Remember! It will pass.

Over the years, fear of disappointment and from another fall right behind the door rises. We need to keep in mind that these fears are just an illusion in one’s mind. They are our thoughts and we can control them. Let our dreams, not fears become the reality we wish to live in. Write your thoughts down and you will see a reflection of your life on paper. You will see what brings you happiness and what disappoints you. This way it will be easier to identify and name the matters that concern us the most and need to be dealt with. You don’t need to change your life and make plans for big changes; make small steps towards the right direction and change will come. We might and probably will lose people along the way, but at the same time, we will gain new experiences and new friendships. This is life!

In a few years, you’ll look back and realize you have reached a certain point; the question is where? You can reach a desirable destination or undesirable one, and once again the choice is yours. Understanding the notion that life is always in a constant change and that we are always developing and improving to be better human beings, will make it easier to take control and deal with the unexpected. As a consequence, our reactions to what happens in our lives will be more proportionate, easier to accept what we cannot change and more motivated to change what we can.

So, enjoy the change and seize the moments of each season, for that’s what makes life beautiful, interesting and full of surprises!


Special thanks to Themis Theophanous. Hair by Natasa Kalapaliki and Hair Intenso. Clothes Moonlight Boutique.

My Shirt and Blazer: Unity Shop Cyprus. Jeans: Craiser. shoes: Adidas Stan Smith.

Photography by Alex Kokkinos

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