January 23, 2017

Holidays are over, and new year already started. It was the time of the year, everyone was happy and excited to close one year and start a new one. We all celebrate the change of the last digit yet we all stay stuck with previous year excuses and struggles.

Life is like the heartbeat graph, with continuous ups and downs, and it will never be one line unless we are dead. Most of us expect to always be up, and whenever we are down we just give up and believe this is where we are supposed to stay.

But hey, it is not, be aware that this is not your last destination. You deserve to live to the fullest, and when life becomes challenging you are capable of getting over them and become stronger and more resilient. No matter how many circumstances may try to hold you back, don’t let go of what you want, grab your dreams and hold them strong, to get the momentum and fly with the wind.

Many times we should change directions and we will find ourselves back in the flow and it will push us to the direction we want.

We can’t force change to happen; we should take a step backward, reflect on our thoughts, check our habits and develop ourselves in any area we choose to. By developing ourselves, change will come naturally and we will live better lives, we develop better habits and thus, better life will follow.
We should make the days count and not count the days, years will pass just like the previous ones. Let us not just hope for those changes to happen, but instead, let’s put an intended effort to develop ourselves and allow the changes to happen. There are so many ways to work on ourselves. If you have tried some and did not get the results you were hoping for, please don’t give up. There are so many more useful approaches that can prove to be beneficial to your wellbeing and as a result will help you got to where you’d like to reach. Don’t let 2017 be just another year!

There are always going to be challenges in life and whereas we see the final results of someone’s work we often forget about many of the challenges it must have entailed. Just like in this photo shoot we came across few challenges and I caught myself thinking whether I should give up. But thankfully I remembered that the whole idea was about not giving up and managed to sort them out.

Here are some photos from the “making of” to see what we went through to get the final result.

Photography by Marwa Younes and Alex Kokkinos

Special thanks to Gabriella Theodorou

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